Dibb, et al. v. AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc.
AllianceOne Class Action

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If you received a Notice of Dishonor of Check, on the letterhead of AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc., Signal Management Services, or Signal Credit Management, or paid check fees to AllianceOne, you may be entitled to benefits under a class action settlement.  


In this lawsuit, Plaintiffs do not claim that AllianceOne did not have the right to collect the amount of the dishonored check.  Nothing in this Settlement affects AllianceOne's right to collect a dishonored check that you wrote, but have not yet paid. 


Important Update: Settlement checks were distributed to eligible Class members on September 29, 2017.


What is the lawsuit about?

A settlement has been reached in two class action lawsuits, Dibb, et al. v. AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc., No. 3:14-cv-05835-RJB (U.S. District Court W.D. Wash.) and Morgan v. AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc., No. 16-2-26246-5 SEA (King County Superior Court), where Plaintiffs allege that Defendant's collection letters violated federal and state law, and that Defendant collected fees to which it was not entitled.  In agreeing to settle, Defendant does not admit any wrongdoing. 

A more detailed description of the lawsuit and important court documents may be found on the Key Documents page of this website. 


Who is included?

You are in the Settlement Class if Defendant sent you a Notice of Dishonor of Check between October 20, 2010 and March 17, 2017, to collect a check that you wrote for payment in Washington, or if Defendant collected Check Fees from you on that check.


How do I participate in the settlement?

You do not need to do anything to receive a cash award.  If you received a postcard Notice by mail you will receive a cash award, unless you exclude yourself from the Settlement. 





Do Nothing

If you do nothing, you will receive a payment at the address where you received the postcard Notice and you will lose the right to sue regarding any issues relating to this Action. You will be considered part of the Settlement Class, and you will be bound by the Court’s decisions.


Opt Out

You could have excluded yourself from the lawsuit and kept your right to sue Defendant on your own by sending a written request for exclusion to the Class Administrator. If you excluded yourself, you will not receive a payment.

July 3, 2017
(Postmarked or online)


If you did not exclude yourself, you had the right to comment or object to the proposed Settlement. Written objections must be signed and provide the reasons for the objection.

July 3, 2017

Attend the Final Approval Hearing

The Court has set a hearing on July 31, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. to decide whether the Settlement should be approved. All persons who timely object to the Settlement may ask to appear at the Final Approval Hearing.

July 3, 2017

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